Saturday, May 30, 2009


31/5, 1.56a.m.

Still got one more day.. i going to start my 1st year degree at pj le..
dunno why..
i am scare..
sundelly feel something change already..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cameron Highland TRIP

19/5, 8.00a.m.

1st day

eh?? need wake up damm early this morning .. at 6 something.. tired @@
this day i going cameron highland with my family oh ^^ heehee
we start our journey at around 8a.m.

onthe way to cameron.. we stop at bidor there.. my baba lie me.. say just 1 hour to there from our house.. make me drive jor 1 hour ++ .. tired already..
we stop at bidor ther eat duck mee.. hmm.. very very nice oh~!

then.. we when to kampar UTAR there have a look.. when reach there and see the place there.. i feel lucky no need to study there .. if not.. i will crazy.. what fun also no geh.. sure damm sienz 1.. but there de enviroment very good for study lar.. there can fishing.. sit sampan at the lake there.. wah.. so good de activity.. but not ngam me.. haha
then we when to Tesco near there geh.. so small.. haha

take at tesco inside de.. so cute oh.. haha
Carpark infront of Tesco.. hehe

we bought this ROTI AYAM in the kampar town.. dis roti ayam oh.. DAMM nice.. yummy

hmm.. after that . we continue our journey to cameron.. hmm.. when going up the hill.. i feel cold.. .. that time only i know cameron is cold de.. T.T.. nobody tell me before.. make me bring short pant.. my mama say she got tell us before need bring jacket.. but no1 choi her.. .. .. aikx
dunno turn jor how long on that bukit.. finally we reach at around 3 sumthing..
we stay at tanah rata.. if i not mistaken..
this is the view i take in the apartment..
after that .. we wanna go some place interest.. but aikx.. later jor.. all wan close jor.. have to wait another day...

20/5, 7.30 a.m.

2nd day

have to wake up early early again.. @@
this morning so damm cold.. after bath hot water also cold.. T.T.. tak boleh tahan
after breakfast.. we went to the tea plantation.. wasai.. there de view so so nice.. the tea leave so many on the hill there..

after that.. me n my baba mama gor gor hi tea at there.. haha.. the BOH tea so nice oh..
after finish hi tea.. we need walk back to car.. but when almost reach.. my mama fall down.. T.T
her leg twisted already.. sob sob.. sam tong oh..

after that we when to the dunno what bee there see.. yerr.. so may bees oh.. luckily dint *ding* me.. while my mama siting outside waiting for us..
After visit thee bees.. we went to the strawberry farm.. wow~! so many strawberry leh.. me n baba n gor gor go in there pluck the strawberry.. while my mama sit outside again waiting for us.. in the strawberry farm.. we curi eat.. hahaa.. after that.. we go meet mama.. when we saw her.. her hand is holding the strawberry ice blended.. wasai.. this ice blended so nice oh.. sweet sweet de.. in kl also cant find nia..

next.. we visit the hospital at cameron .. my mama say very pain already... hmm.. dunno wait jor how long.. finally finish check jor.. doctor say she cannot walk so long.. have to rest.. so we have to fetch her back apartment rest rest lor..

after fetch her back apartment.. we go to another strawberry farm eat dessert.. but my mama cant eat.. sad sad

strawberry chocolate ice creamstrawbeey ice cream

hmmm.. so nice oh.. yum yum..^^

After finish dessert.. we when to the rose center i think.. but raining oh.. so we have to wait the rain stop 1st lor..

At near the entrance there can make wish geh..

make wish make wish *******

after enter the rose garden there.. so many flower we can see..

this big big de sunflower damm nice..

at last.. we visit the buddhist temple there..
we have a lot of fun this day.. but my mama cant join us.. sad

21/5, 7.00 a.m.

3rd day

hmm.. this day have to back home le.. before back.. we go to the pasar there buy many vygetables.. those vegetavbles so fresh oh.. and the jagong also.. sweet sweet de.. then we go to the strawberry farm there but strawberry again.. hahaa then we go to the catus shop there buy catus..
This is my baba buy geh..

this is i n mama n gor gor choose de.. but i choose the most.. haha

this is the small tomato at there..
this is the big big tomato at there..

After that we start to back home lor.. got a bit bu she de tim.. before back.. we stop at ipoh.. n bidor eat.. hehee
we reach home around 2 something.. hehe.. hope to go back there play again^^

Nice trip..



18/5, 8.01p.m.

kanasai.. friend told me result out jor..
boop boop boop..
after back home i go internet check result.. so sad oh..
really sad after see my result.. :(
my A GONE~!!!!!

but never mine lar.. at least pass ma.. no need recourse.. heehee
but need go pj study lor..
need go another new place.. find my life again.. ... ... ..


Sunday, May 17, 2009


17/5, 4.30p.m.

heehee..2day after my drum lesson i go meet my family watch movie at ts oh.. kaka.. long time din watch movie together jor tim.. but they so late reach.. make me gai gai there alone.. wuwu
but the movie not yet finish i have to leave.. n cannot eat papa johns as a dinner tim... T.T
that part vy nervous geh leh.. but no choice.. my sifu date us 7pm wait at cempaka.. but we late again.. haha.. 2day so kanasai leh.. wear wrong shoe go learn fance.. make me gv my sifu shoot when get on his car.. T.T
after dance some more need wait that LRT so damm long.. wait till want *fa mou* already.. aikx
2day mood not so good tim..why?? i also dunno why..

16/5, 9.15p.m.

yesterday night give SKY tipu me go out drink.. say he no date others.. gek sei me..
some more bully me make me drink so much.. so bad~!this 1 nice to eat oh..
happen many thing yesterday.. i also dun wan say about it already.. aikx

15/5, 5.45p.m.

2day after eat i go parkson with colleague ...
after that i saw two "xiao chou".. then the XIXILI promoter say i wan balloon oh.. somemore say wan make vy special de.. make me so fish..
but dunno he make jor how long.. i think got 15 min.. then only make out a flower ballon give me.. kinda nice oh..

can move geh leh when shake it

this *xiao chou* make the flower for me geh..

this 1 is his partner..

but the balloon i gave it to the XIXILE promoter.. T.T
although got a bit bu she de.. but nevermind lar.. if i take back home give someone saw sure ask me throw away 1.. hor?


Thursday, May 14, 2009


14/5, 10.49p.m.

Oh no.. i m so bored.. who can help me?? working so boring.. at house more boring .. if continue boring like this i going to feel my life meaningless already~!!!

last time i vy enjoy my holiday.. but now.. dunno y feel so sienz.. sob sob.. last time i working very fun 1.. but now.. aikz.. maybe working in the same place.. or maybe working at others place to fun but when come back work here.. sienz already.. so miss SUB.. T.T

No work no money.. n my holiday going end soon.. before holiday i have many thing to do 1.. but when holiday.. swt~! .. forget what i wan to do.. haha..
so wasting time..

dunno what sucks thing make my leg get hurt.. some more after bath pain jor over 10 min.. red red le.. kinda PAIN.. sob sob


Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother Day


10/5, 11.45a.m.

mother finally reach..
after get in the car..
then only know i 4get bring camera.. T.T
that day...
i bring my mama n family go Dragon-i eat oh..
Morning also many people le tim..
this is i call 1..
dunno call wat *la mian* ady..
my gor gor also eat la mian..
but din take pic..aikx
my baba n mama call geh FOOD
quite nice oh~

Xiao Long Bao oh..

SO many food oh..
so we eat till vy vy full..

My baba , mama , gor gor eat dao vy happy oh..
but me pay dao vy say.. wuwu
but nvm lar..
1 year 1 time ma..
my mama happy mai can le lor..
hope u will happy everyday my dear mum..
Mii always will love u geh..


Wesak day^^


9/5, 2.09p.m.

WASAI.. many ppl tim.. heehee..
but compare this year like no last year so much ppl tim..
yeah yeah..
i go brickfields there geh temple pray with my mama n gor gor..
so much ppl oh..
road block tim ><

many food makan oh..
insides the temple 1..
nice?can move 1 leh..
this year this temple renovation ady..
become more nice joR..
we buy a lot food eat ohh..
but me buy a lot drinks..
this is cendol.. very nice 1..

waiting for next year go again..


Thursday, May 7, 2009



8/5, 2.02a.m.


just give me some time.. okay?
i promise i wont put down this road easily

damm miss the life last time
NO NEED fan those thing
eat, play together we can..

DAMM fan
work?! money?! study?!

I will be more tough.. dun worry.. i big already..
i know what am i doing now~!

operation success to my kang kang tomorrow


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SPECIAL for elev3n / jovis/ xiao guii/ kang kang/ hippo/ Qi qi/ spoon(汤匙)/ 小白痴/ 白痴妹/ chou kang kang

kang kang..
u r not alone


Peng Peng
wish you hav a health body

"hehe..peng peng geh wishes"

"dis 1 so fu yan oh..rite?"


everyting goin 2 be alright n get well soon
"hmm..not vy fu yan lar dis..consider ok lar.."


Jun rong @ah gor
dun fast will recover de lar
"dis 1 also consider fu yan..haha.after u recover go beat him ya..haha"

"dis 1 有意思..有意思..sing k lur~!"


dun nid scare operation geh.. wont feel pain geh...juz relax n dun c when operating..get well soon ya..
"dis 1 more geng, say dao onself like do b4 oeperation like dis"

Jia wei
must be relax and gone through and i wait to play badminton with you and i miss and love you haha
"dis 1 no full stop geh.. i type tat time also wan 没气la"

xiao min
i will miss you..good luck for ur operation.. ^^
"after i say canot miss you.. he change to say ..."
take care

"macam write karangan like dis.. i think his 作文 get A 1..haha"


kang kang dun scare
although u operation i not besides u but my spirit beaide u
the operation vy faz jiu finish la...
no nid scare
i love u...

"so cold...."


finally operation lar.. hmm..duno nid to say what tim..
i know that you will vy down bcoz mb cant continue play piano..
but hope you know that.. not every people want de thing also can get it for whole life 1.. maybe u nex time cant play piano anymore, but at least u have the chance to play it b4.. u may know that some people did not have the chance 听自己亲手弹的歌.. so u must think that u hav the chance to play it b4 is ur福气..rite? i know is hard to accept the truth but.. time will prove everyting..

one thing..
Dun always feel that ur life vy dark ma.. infront of u still got many light 1.. just open big ur eye n find where the light come mai can lor.. k?
summore ar .. u must remember that still got us support u geh ma.. dun always think that u are alone.. later people tot i not care u that time i beat u da..haha

After u recovery .. we go play till gao gao.. sing k sing high high.. go drink till enough..

wish u operation succes lars.. still need say some cold thing.. hmm.. operation tat time.. close ur eye.. then think me lar.. if u got chance c they operate ur hand only dun close ur eye ar.. must c how they operate.gain experience ma.. hahaha

i love u too.. MuAkxx



i know u c all this sure vy touching 1.. but dun cry ar.. u say u will be tough 1..
dun make us dissapointed oh..
we will support u 4ever geh~!


P/s: spoon(汤匙)/ 小白痴/ 白痴妹/ is ying ying ask me write geh..haha