Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween night

30/10, 08.00p.m.

after finish claz.. finish discussion.. nid rush bek home take a bath n done all my work... ... ...
then.. nid go pj hav our halloween night..

hmmm.. tat day really funny.. 1st time mekap like tat and go around ss17 ask for candy..
"i wan candy... ... ... ~''
i also dunno wi will so dare.. we went to ming li..eten house.. ah boon house (but he is nt there).. and danny house.. haha.. danny say tat he so regret open the room let us in.. hahaa

our mekap proces..

hui huimekap dao so geng.. hahaa
c the bek there..dis 1 is the most *kong bu* 1.. hahaaaikx.. ask him draw ugly dunno y he draw mr. patato.. ><

tats all for dis day..


Friday, October 16, 2009


yeee.. holiday make me getting lazy n lazy le..
last time work at nandos.. i will wash my cloths n apron everyday geh..
but now... after bath left my shirt on the floor and play fb..
aikx.. 2moro summore nid work .. nid face tat TWO fake guy at there.. sienZ

hmm.. alone at house now.. y no1 date me out 2nite 1??hmmm
miss my gor gor n mama now oh.. duno how is their trip in china tim... ... ...

actually.. what u thinking now??confuse.. @@