Thursday, April 29, 2010


30/4, 6.01a.m

so.. wat i do rcently???

ASsIGNMeNT assIgnmEnT and AsSignMent..
dis 2 week really busy...
1st we hav to rush on visual com final project..
drawing story board final..
ans last is Advertising ll final project..

after finish rush visual com on sat on 24th..
i hav to draw.. draw... colour....
adui.. duno draw for how many h0ur for dis..
dis is gona submit on mon..
i cant finish in time..
mount wrong..
drawing sucks..
and colour also shit..

on drawing submition day..
i collapse..
my finishing on mouting already out nvm..
i walk to lrt half way and 4get to take my sketches nvm also..
the thing tat make me collapse is from that fall..
walao~ pain dao...

but anyway..
dis day i wana thanks to my fren especially hui hui..
Thanks for fetching me from paramout..
thanks for fetching me to ss17..
n also thanks u for help me cut n paste and also touch up of my drawing..
sorry for disturbing u..

i also wana thanks larrie for helping me on 1 frame..
thanks wei ping for helping me to cut the mounting..
thanks ting dong mao ren of ur doremon pocket..
thanks ella for helpng me sketches on thumbnail..
thanks syee wei for helping me cut n paste..

i really really appreciate..
when i m in trouble..
u guys help me that out of my expectation..
i m really touch..
i will remember who that help me..

actually when i coming in to University..
i tot most of them will be stingy or juz helping themself..
but today i know..
u all r not..
hope that nex time i in industry..
i still can find a fren like u all..

dis day i collapse le..
p/s : adui.. pls dun talk to me when i m emo.. u will make me cry.. lolz

after rushing for dis drawing..
i hav to rush for advertising project presentation..
i m going to ki xiao u know?
facing the computer over 24 hour..
rushing with a hungry stomach..
i nearly nearly wanted to give up on tue night..
i really can stnad for it..
is super duper tired and stress..
but luckily i din give up..
if i did so..
i definitely will REGRET~!
if dis advertising ll..
i really learn much..
thanks to sir wincen that lead us..
thanks for giving us this chance..

On presentation day..
i intend to finish everything b4 12 pm..
but some prob hav pccur..
my CD labeller out of size..
hav to redo..
when i get in to class..
i hav been mentioned that i m the nex 4 presenter..
"bullshit" dis word straight come into my mind..
my journal is not done n juz submit like that..
i m not ready for the presentation..
also the way they that our honor guest commnet..
make me kinda nervous..
even wincen also shoot us..
when almost my turn..
another special guest came in..
make me more nervous..

lolz.. when my turn..
i nervous dao stand also cant stand straight..
i duno wat i m talking in front..
after present..
i feel relax..
while getting comment from our special guest..
i feel dizzy..
i not really understand wat mr. jim say..
juz a A a..lolz although gv shoot by special guest..
but wat u all say is truth..
i will remember on the precious comment that u all give..
hope that this comment..
will bring me success in future..
thanks you..
and thanks for praising me that i hav a nice voice..
lolz thanks Sir wincen again..
thanks to mr jim...
thanks to mr. kenny u r cute..lolz)
and thanks to another guest (paiseh... 4get wat name le)
dis day presentation till 7++..
after reach home i saw my bed is clean n tidy..

Thanks mum for helping me clean..

dis few day u sick..
sorry for cant helping u in house much..
i m busy with my assignment..
luckily now u recover ady..
i will gona celebrate mother day with u..
Thanks MUM~!

after register for nex sem..
i beh tahan liao..
straight aways fall to bed n sleep..
thanks hui hui for helping me in register..

that is thursday..
dis is last day of advertising sub presentation..
this presentation start for 9pm and end at 8.30p.m..
every1 is tired..
i m also tired..
but i know sir wincen is most tired~ after presentation..
we eat at ss2..
thanks syee wei for threat us eat.. (regret for din take away..lolz)
thanks syee wei for fetching me home and also jun hong..
nex time threat u eat big big lor.. ok?
dis day is a tired day also..
on-ing laptop n sleep besides..

already few day no play game..
no sleep..
no eat well..
now i gona do everything..
and prepared for final exam le..
gamateh to all my frenz~

thanks my family..
thanks my fren..
thanks sir wincen..
thanks for the supportation ..

i love u guys~

"There is no reverse in our life"

dis is meaningful..
thanks jim


Sunday, April 11, 2010


11/4, 10.33p.m.










Tuesday, April 6, 2010

EMO day

7/4, 6.00a.m.

cold cold de whether..

eat cold cold de ice cream..