Tuesday, June 22, 2010

tiring monday~

6/22, 11.45p.m.

Monday class make me feel tired~
start 8am and end 6pm.. =(

so what i learn in illustration class on that day??

but i think that is Wacom ba~

wonder when UTAR become so rich..
can buy super big the wacom let us use..

own by UTAR

dis is mine ^^
big different~

start drawing nonsence in class..
although i duno what i m drawing...
but is quite nice rite??

is already 12am..

need rush my digital imaging and flash animation..
i miss my bed~ OWWW

someone say that i still missing him~'
izzit true?



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another emo day~

21/6, 1.01a.m.

Well~ to prepare for my MUET test on october..
i am going to updated my blog with all english~

my mood dunno fly to where..
no mood for my assignment..
just facebook around..
watch some video..
view others people blog~
until i found something surprise~
i found my ex da sao de blog~

still remeber her two daughter..
really cute~
stilll remember last time i carry her small daughter~
she still is a baby~
now read her blog..
i think she already 1 year old lor ~
time pass so fast..
got a bit miss them tim~
maybe they already forget me..
bcoz i think right now..
got another jie jie sek them lor~

now already 1am..
is time for me stop doing nonsence and start my assignment..

another hot and hungry night~


part of my memory


Thursday, June 17, 2010

my baby camera

18/6, 4.16a.m

finally my camera come back to me..
miss u so much~
promise never let u left me again..
hoho~ ^^

dis week assignment like hell..
no enough time shooting..
tak tau use flash~

next week submition..
summore can go clubbing~
really shit lor~
dunno wat will happen next week..



Wednesday, June 9, 2010


10/6, 6.00a.m.



Tuesday, June 8, 2010


6/8, 10.03p.m.

i fully trust u..
but u really make me dissapointed~

help people but trouble myself..
so dun blame me to be cruel..

starting dunno who u r

::.. Ic3@her3..::

Sunday, June 6, 2010

National Library

6/6, 3.49p.m.

2day i plan to xin ji zhong
wana go Library to find book for history of art..
i duno what national library is that..
i cant find those book that related to my studies..
so i juz walk n walk..
u know wat i found?

the book of how to reduce fat..


after that..
i juz went home..