Sunday, July 25, 2010

1st gastric pain

25/7, 11.04p.m.

before this, i never had a gastric pain..
on Friday night, i dunno what happen..
woke up at 5am to done my assignment and my gastric starting to pain..
make me sit also cant, stand also cant, sleep also cant~
luckily i had done one assignment on Wednesday night..
if not submission on friday i sure cant finish~

just wonder why it will pain~
because of pressure? busy to eat?
if this happen few week ago..
then is ok~
but this 2 week i eat well sleep well until not enough time do my assignment~
i really dunno why it will pain..
really suffer ><

vomit one time and pain more than 8 hour~
really make me had a memorable pain in my life~

from that day on~
i dare not to say reduce fat anymore and never let myself hungry for more than one hour~


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Presentation =.=

18/7, 1.22a.m.

presentation without prepare i always did it..
present until i duno what i talking about it also happen many times...
presentation without read before the slide and just present i also tried before..
but presentation without nervous i finally did it ^^
hope i can maintain this attitude in my future~


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Studio photography

7/1, 10.34p.m.

SYOK bo?
most like dis picture la..

Digital imaging subject~

nice body shape..


creative post~

finish this task in two day
is difficult but interesting la~