Thursday, September 30, 2010

3D max

1/10, 10.24a.m

The previous semester we had learned a new software.. that is 3D max..
have to admit...
my tutor had teached us this software about 10 week..

but i duno wat is she teaching about..
until the week before we need to submit..

our group 1% done also dun have... (bcoz we duno how to do)
we have no choice..
we use every method to modelling the character..
duno how many hour we used here..

and then we use 1 day to put the bone (so pek cek this step)

and at last.. we use 2 day to finish the video and action..

Last step... is rendering..

first we tot we nid to render for few day...

but hui hui sundelly msn me...
say render finish ady by using 10 min time~~~ due to we had less 3D model..
but afrer render... many prob occur... so i had to modified another 8 more hour...

after modified n rendering... i pass to karyn to finalized it..
when i pass to her.. prob occur again.. so she had to modified again for duno how many few hour..
we did everything in 1 week time~
erm... i think less than 1 week.. we tot tat we will gain low mark for this assignment.. becoz of less 3D modelling but.. the result surprise me.. although is not very good.. but we are satisfied..

guess which 1 is my voice?? hahhaa

Thanks to my group member..

hui hui.. karyn.. coco ^^


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mooncake festival

25/9, 9.35 p.m.

Never think that this year mooncake festival will be so interesting..

after exam on 20/9,
we have an BBQ at syee wei house..
this is the only one time we gather together after busying with those assignment and exam..
after that..
we celebrate mooncake festival with GD 1, 2, and 3..

we holding the lantern walk over ss17..
is really fun .. =)

1st time gather with GD 1 2 and 3.. hoho
a memorable nite~


another day..
i went up genting with my colleague..
also same celebrate mooncake festival after annual dinner..
this time walk over genting.. lolz

the different here is genting more cold then ss17.. hahaha


Thursday, September 16, 2010

My 20th Birthday

16/9, 9.54pm
I m 20th !

Yee Ling house

having a welcoming house dinner and count down-ing my birthday at pretty yee ling house..

me with yee ling

me n queeny

kei n me...

Ice kacang with many ICE

Thanks to yee ling.. Queeny.. and kei.. love the pillow so much~

Wong Kok

love this cake so much.. ice cream cake ^^

Thanks Jun Rong for the present.. is special ^^

Happy Family ^^
Thanks miko.. kang kang.. jun rong and steven !!!

Having dinner is Sentul Timur Restaurant .. yum yum...

Cake form my family.. but a bit error prob... hehe
Thanks baba mama and gor gor ^^

Full house at sunway

seriously love this pic so much..
thanks hui hui~

A very very big birthday card.. but i really tot is a menu .. haha
Thanks to my mao coursemate~

Thanks for the wishes..
appreciate it ^^


Thursday, September 9, 2010


10/9, 1.13a.m







Friday, September 3, 2010

Exhausted week

3/9, 9.34 p.m.

This week had rushed four final assignment..
feeling like throwing FOUR BIG STONE away..
really really tiring..

luckily illus and digital postpone..
but still not manage to finish in time..

everyday rush till faint..
faint till nightmare..
and at last woke up because of the nightmare of all assignment~
2day creative thinking late submit for 6 hour..
hope that Alex wont minus too much of my mark ba..

after submition..
hui hui, danny, song, syee wei, jun hong, larrie, kim and also ME had stay in PF consultation room..
just feel warm when we all gather in small room and chit chat..
already 14 week we dint did that..

in year 1..
we still together watch movie.. sing k.. and play..
this semester start..
all rushing like hell..
din sing k for even one time in this semester..
except steamboat gathering for week 1..

so after last day exam..
we gona have a BBQ gathering..

it will be FUN.. right guys?

2 more to go..
gambateh lar everyone ^^