Tuesday, October 19, 2010

19/10, 10.58p.m

So what hav i did recently? nothing special actually

besides sleeping until enough..
and din do any job..
i have trip with my family..


The day we start our trip to Pulau Pinang..
we had a long long time din go a trip together..
While this trip is different with previous one..

we eat from morning till night.. @@
we 1st start our journey to Ipoh Foh San eat dim sum..
Then went to Taiping.. to the Kolam Air Panas..
and then we reached Penang lastly..

we had our famous Asam Laksa near the ke lok si temple.. cendol.. char kuey diao..fried chicken and so on during the whole day.. oh my god.. this all is fattening .

While on the next day.. we eat our buffet breakfast.. and visit Fort Carnivals in the morning..
is really fun and interesting to know about history of malaysia.. LOLZ

we eat our lunch and dinner and we reached home about 7pm..

is really fun having a trip with family ^^


This day..
result out..
i m happy tat i can view my result in the actual day.. no need to wait one day another to view it..

i am satisfy with my result..
is improved..
but still not reach a very good level yet..
i will be put more effort in this new semester ^^


a very exhausted day..
i went to taman pertanian for cycling..
cycle up the hill.. i push the bicycle up since i no strength to cycle up..hahaa
and down...
think also wan faint already hahaha

but then know a group of new friend..
they are nice actually..
thanks to hunt for giving me a chance to join in this group ya~

make me whole body pain.. lolz


Another new semester..
nothing special actually..
for the 1st day class i m late again..
but then luckily cancel class.. muahahhaa

This semester subject

Interactive Multimedia
will be headache about those script @@

Time based Media
still dunno what will be learning in this

History of Art and Design II
historyyyyyyyyy again.....

have to say that..
Harry Potter.. my IM lecturer..
teaching way is soooo CUTE..
luckily juz for 7 week.. o.o

that is today...

MUET speaking examination day...
not present well in this part
feel sad tim..