Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My 22th Birthday

30/10, 11.49p.m.

So what.. i have been busy for a moment until now.. finally.. i have time to update my blog..

So what i get during my birthday for this year?

Is all about foods..

So many ho liao to eat this year..

Friday's.. Korean Foo...Pizza..buffet (Neway punya)

and i get a perfume this year.. DKNY ;)

i din bought any perfume before because i received continuously for 3 years hehe

so dont stop.. keep buy me perfume every year =p

Anyway.. Thanks for the celebration with me..

Family..Bestie.. Friends.. Colleague..  Give you all a BIG KISS MUACKS!!

 I just love my family so muchhh..

This year.. My birthday.. i just want to stay in home.. stay with my family..

Everyone just asking me.. u din celebrate with friend? lol..

seriously.. i am sad during the whole September..

i Have no mood to celebrate..

So i choose to stay at home.. but i am sure.. if i were happy.. i will stay at home too =)

Birthday is the day to relax.. someone told me before.. during his brithday.. he like to stay with home with his mum.. he said his birthday is his mother suffer time.. ;)

Now i know that feeling of him for staying at home..

Thanks for not forgetting me..appreciate =)