Saturday, May 11, 2013

The 5th May

5 - 5 - 2013

this is the day which Malaysian said it's 'BLACK' day

seriously, I am the person who not care much about the politics

But i know what we want are actually FAIR, CLEAN and EQUALITY.

We need a leader's that really do good for the country, and really cares about the rakyat's.

no matter who become government or PM,

I will support as long as they did great for us and the country.

THIS day,

I take the resposible of what a rakyat should do.

Before the election, i thought it was only have TWO choices

When i got the paper,

Is was like " WTF? why have sooooo many choices"

The feeling is same like when i got the exam paper in the exam hall o.0

I saw the unity of MALAYSIAN on 8th may..

is really great..

I always feel proud to be a MALAYSIAN.


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